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fresh dubstep ;)

Live Gig Shire Dub

2011-03-21 03:56:17 by madnessassault

Hey guys this is just a quick promo, for my live gig coming up, if your in Sydney you gotta come down and check this out :D adnessassault-shiredub

Live Gig Shire Dub


2011-03-10 01:00:04 by madnessassault

MAKIN new dubstep sounds :D and DJin it up :D
hit me up on Youtube

P.S Godzilla vs Mecha Godzilla rocks
P.P.S Godzilla vs Mecha Godzilla 2 rocks.


yeah not me

i am god

2009-11-09 04:31:30 by madnessassault

not really. i make a mean spaghetti though :3

name for the band

2009-01-28 03:24:34 by madnessassault

i cant reaally decide between:
lambent zombie
Why Is This Called Heresy (W.I.T.C.H)
anythingelseyouthnikofsuggestionaccpet ed

my new band!

2009-01-01 17:58:01 by madnessassault

im goign into a band with my mate who is an awesome drummer and i will be on the keyboard / vocals and most of our stuff will be submitted here under a different account however we have no idea what to call ourselves so suggestions are readily reviewed.

my cyber life sucks

2008-12-19 20:03:47 by madnessassault

my cyber life sucks... why? because my computer has lost a boot file meaing i cant make anymore music.. :( hopefully i will get it fixed soon. only able to make this post because im using my mums computer as a 1 off... :(

pet rock game

2008-11-03 23:27:43 by madnessassault

you are a pet rock a boy has gotten bored of you and has thrown you in the garden and you want revenge so you venture into hell to get a wishin from satan

pet rock game